Phangnga Bay

James Bond by Big Boat

Embark the double-deck fishing boat, and embrace the beauty of Phangnga bay. Mountains, limestone islets standing ground on the calm vast body of turquoise water in the East. Morning canoe will wake you up when you discover the Bat Cave. Not to worry if you don't know how to paddle, there's a paddle-man for every canoe. Or turn your paddle into a captain, and flex those muscles and row it yourself 😉 Midday canoe will invite you into the beautiful 'Koh Hong' (chamber island, in Thai) where you will canoe into a room-like lagoon, and see cool limestone formations in shape of Piranha fish, sleeping dog, sitting hermit, and up-side-down chicken! Followed by buffet lunch on-board while cruising in the bay, one scenic lunch, i'm telling ya. Last stop at Koh Tapu (Nail or Crab's eye island) & Kao Ping-gan (Leaning mountain) where you can be the ‘Man with The Golden Gun’ on the same beach they shot the movie in 1974. Then cruise back to Phuket


Here's a breakdown of the activities you will take part in on this trip

The Sunrise over the Bay is the first treasures to claim with a shot of coffee and a light snack.

Get to James Bond Island before all the crowds arrive !

Discover hidden caverns and off the beaten tracks spots. #notatourist

Sea canoe in the National Park marine caves

Visit a 5,000 Year shell natural cemetery and learn of the unclaimed treasures of the Bay

Finish with a Thai lunch, freshly cooked and served with a complimentary fresh beer or soft drink of your choice

5:45 am
7:00 am
8:30 am
10:00 am
11:00 am
12:00 pm