Lanta province

Koh Rok and Koh Haa

Phuket Let’s Go brings you to new destinations and horizons with this day trip to Rok Islands. These islands are pretty far from Phuket but the journey is well worth it with 3 amazing snorkeling locations throughout the day. These islands are pretty far from Phuket ; you will have to ride a speedboat for roughly 90mn before reaching this snorkeling paradise. However, rest assured that the wait is well worth it with probably one of the most amazing location for spotting coral and exotic fishes around Phuket


Here's a breakdown of the various things to do on this program. Please make sure to bring sun protection because it gets really hot during mid-day

After the boat ride, we start off with a scenic snorkeling session where you will see a lot of tropical fishes and deep oceam floors.

Then we will disembark on Koh Rok National park island and relax while we prepare the Beach buffet lunch in the shade

Enjoy the snack buffet and lunch buffet on the beach !

Go for another snorkeling session if you feel like it ?

Or stay on the beach for a photo shoot session in the sun and the white sand…

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