Phangnga Bay

Phangnga Treasures Sunrise

Experience our ‘No-Crowd’ excursion in our Phangnga Treasures x James Bond Island trip. Trek up Samed Nangshe for a scenic sunrise, take a long-tail boat out to Phangnga Bay, visit James Bond island during Off-Peak hours, sea canoe in Koh Hong, discover the ‘Treasures of the Bay' through caves and mangrove and uncover the legend of an unclaimed treasure on top of a 5,000-year-old shell cemetery. Finish the day with lunch on top of the hill where freshly cooked Thai lunch and cold beer awaits.

What our fellow travelers said

Gabrielle Verstijnen

I loved this trip! Our drives and tour guide where very nice and tried to help us wherever they could. Tai (our tour guide) did a great job explaining all the sites we visited and helped us whenever he needed. The sunrise, which wasn’t a real sunrise was a gorgeous site nonetheless. It was the highlight of this trip. I also enjoyed James Bond Island being so empty. No one else around and all the shops (there are a lot) where still closed. As said. I loved it. The lunch was also great, no buffet, but a real restaurant.

Gabrielle Verstijnen

Sarah Webb

My mother and I went on one of Phuket Lets Go tours the day after we arrived in Phuket. We were obviously tired but were excited about going. When we first met Anne and Meow Meow we knew straight away we’d picked a good tour company. They were lovely, spoke good english, were attentive, positive and so welcoming, and shared a tonne of information about Phuket. They made us feel like their friends and not in a way that would be considered over the top. We loved our tour and would have no doubts about booking with them again. Can’t wait to come back and see you guys! Thank you!

Sarah Webb

Benjamin Firth

First time to Phuket. Got the wife to book the tours and I’m very grateful she chose Phuket Let’s Go.
Being able to experience the sun rise over the islands along with canoeing through the caves and seeing hidden escapes was an experience I won’t forget.
The guide and driver were very interactive and quite knowledgeable and that just added the final touches to the tour.

Benjamin Firth


Here's a breakdown of the various things to do on this original program. Be advised that some of the activities in the program can sometimes be switched in time. Also, please plan to bring sport shoes rather than flip-flops are there are a couple treks and climbing related things to do on this unique trip

The Sunrise over the Bay is the first treasures to claim with a shot of coffee and a light snack.

Get to James Bond Island before all the crowds arrive !

Discover hidden caverns and off the beaten tracks spots. #notatourist

Sea canoe in the National Park marine caves

Visit a 5,000 Year shell natural cemetery and learn of the unclaimed treasures of the Bay

Finish with a Thai lunch, freshly cooked and served with a complimentary fresh beer or soft drink of your choice

5:45 am
7:00 am
8:30 am
10:00 am
11:00 am
12:00 pm